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Download PDF. Recommend Documents. Chirurgische Forschung I: Immunologie, Transplantation. Chirurgische Forschung II — Varia. Hauptsitzung — Onkologische Viszeralchirurgie. Hauptsitzung — Komplikationsmanagement 1: Herdsanierung. Hauptsitzung — Chirurgie und Recht. Hauptsitzung — Komplikationsmanagement Bandage für das Schultergelenk 232 tsu Beim chirurgischen Intensivpatienten.

Hauptsitzung — Erweiterte Tumorchirurgie 2, Chirurgie im hohen Senium. Hauptsitzung — Komplikationsmanagement 4: Viszeralchirurgie. Hauptsitzung — Berufsbild und chirurgische Karriere. O Herzchirurgie Thoraxchirurgie: Varia. Wann observieren? Wann operieren? Wie operieren? Hauptsitzung — Komplikationsmanagement 6: Gallengangsverletzungen. Hauptsitzung — Multimodale Konzepte.

Hauptsitzung — Chirurgie in den Medien. Komplikationsmanagement Krebstherapie. Author index. Gabriele Hastermann Dr. Heidemarie Uher OA Dr.

Tomaselli, J. Huber, O. Gangl, W. Hofer, R. Ein Vorteil der Methodik kann momentan nicht bewiesen werden. Schirnhofer, W. Brunner, K. Pimpl, C. Mittermair, C. Obrist, R. Frass, N. Waldstein, H. After having passed the learning curve of 15 SILcholecystectomies in selected patients we offered this approach to all patients.

Different trocars were utilized as available. Different armamentarium was used. Additional trocars were inserted on demand. Perioperative parameters operation time, complications, pain were assessed. Data were prospectively collected in a data-base and analyzed. Eighty-seven percentage of all procedures could be completed without adding an extraumbilical trocar.

In one patient conversion to open CHE was indicated for safety reasons. Operating time yielded in mean 52 minutes. Postoperative complications included two major complications duodenal injury and bile duct laceration. Initial expertise confirms the value of the novel transumbilical laparoscopic approach for cholecystectomy even at first choice.

Surgical Bandage für das Schultergelenk 232 tsu and outcomes has to remain uncompromised by adding one or more additional trocars. Pimpl, W. Brunner, J. Schirnhofer, C. Obrist, N. Waldstein, R. Frass, H. Weiss Chirurgie, Salzburg, Austria Background. While learning single incision transumbilical laparoscopy SIL the surgeon is constrained by the intersection of the instruments and the modified angles. All surgeons passed wet-lab training before. The procedure took place in regular laparoscopic settings.

Dissection and exposure was performed with the help of a suspension suture cystopexiaone articulating instrument and a 5 mm optical device. All 90 procedures could be completed laparoscopically. Total procedural time yielded in Mean 61 min, 84 min, and 77 min. Two complications required redo-laparoscopy one in group A for bowel laceration and one in group C for hematoma. The other patients were on oral diet and started mobilization at the day of surgery.

The follow-up was uneventful in all patients. Incisional length at the navel showed no difference between the groups. SIL-CHE can be proctored safely at least in selected cases and can be thereby regarded as a teaching procedure. Mark, K. Kienzl-Wagner, M. Biebl, J. Pratschke operiert. Die Operationsdauer betrug von 35 min bis 81 min Median 49 min.

Im follow up nach 3 Monaten zeigten sich keine Nabelhernie, keine Schmerzen und zufriedenstellende kosmetische Ergebnisse. SILS is becoming to mature to the method of choice in uncomplicated cholecystectomy.

In patients with situs inversus totalis laparoscopic surgery may be challenging Bandage für das Schultergelenk 232 tsu positioning of the surgeon has been discussed in one of the rare reports available. There were no operations in the previous history and concomitant respiratory and cardiac anomalities. Therefore the indication for a SILS approach was set. After giving informed written consent the patient was operated in the French position. A single umbilical port and standard grasper, Bandage für das Schultergelenk 232 tsu and endobag were used.

Upon laparoscopy mirrow-image anatomy was confirmed. The whole procedure took 65 min and blood loss Bandage für das Schultergelenk 232 tsu neglectable. After an uneventfull postoperative course the patient could be discharged on pod 3. This is the first report on SILS-cholecystectomy in situs inversus totalis.

Sitzmann, E. Brugger, F. A brand new operation platform is the single trocar SPIDERTM device allowing multiple flexible instruments to be used through one incision with increased degrees of freedom. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this innovative approach on a standard procedere such as the laparoscopic single incision cholecystectomy. After wet-lab training and clinical immersion an initial number of three patients were operated for symptomatic cholecystolithiasis by using the first generation SPIDERTM decive Bandage für das Schultergelenk 232 tsu.

Perioperative parameters operative time, complications, pain were assessed. All procedures could be completed without adding an additional trocar. The Bandage für das Schultergelenk 232 tsu procedural time yield, and min including adjustments for the team.

The visualisation and handling of the device was advantageous without suspending sutures but strongly dependent on the size of the patient. Therefore, in two patients a GelPoint was used to obtain additional length. Dissecting, cutting, clip application, electrocautery, grasping, suturing and argon-beam vaporization was used sufficiently. No complication was noticed. Schirnhofer, R. Waldstein, K. Obrist, H. Laparoscopic surgery is the gold standard for several surgical procedures today.

Since now only robotic systems allowed movements with seven degrees of freedom. We herein describe the improvement of surgical perfomance based on our first experience with this new device.

In we performed 5 procedures with the SPIDERTM device via transumbilical approach based on our expertise of single port laparoscopic surgery procedures.